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My dear Ballet Philippines Alumni,

How have you been?

Time flies, indeed. It only seems like yesterday that we were all together in the CCP Rehearsal Hall sweating it out for the next big show. I’m sure all of you are doing well—whether as dancers, teachers, choreographers, directors, or even as professionals in other fields.

I do hope you’re all in touch with each other too. Nothing is stronger than the ties built in battle—and with the kind of work we did in the company, I sure felt like I was in the army!

A few of us former members from different batches of Ballet Philippines have been meeting up quite intently the past year. With the 45th year underway and the 50th looming close, we’ve all been thinking of ways to do SOMETHING for our beloved company. To begin with, there are A LOT of areas where today’s BP could use our help. There are needs that only we can provide: teachers and coaches who can transfer their knowledge of the classic repertoire and the dance styles and techniques we used before; and support for current dancers who are in transition or are thinking of transitioning to other careers.

Then of course, there is that never-ending need for financial support. We needed it then; they still need it now.

So one night, a number of former dancers and collaborators met up and decided to get the ball rolling on an Alumni Association that would act as a liaison between the Company and its former members. The group is open to all former Company Members, Apprentices, Company Scholars who performed with the Company, and Technical and Production Staff. The working name—BP Alumni Association—is just that, a working name, and may change in the months to come. Suggestions on a name are welcome!

We’ve come up with a few projects to focus on, and we will tell you more about them in this blog. The most important thing right now is for all of us is to be recognised and within reach! So please follow this blog. This will be our official news blog, where you can get the latest news and updates about our projects, events, performances and former colleagues. Please spread the word, and don’t wait for an invitation to join. We are excited to hear from you!

It’ll be fun! Of course I won’t promise that there won’t be hard work (this is me, remember). But just like your time in the company, it will be worthwhile.

Warmest regards,



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