Let’s get down to business

Hi everyone!

Over the past year, we (the steering committee of the BPAA) have been meeting, trying to get some of our projects going. There are many ideas on what we can do as former members for the current Ballet Philippines members, but we have narrowed down the projects to the following:

Completing our Database

The Company Room Makeover

The BPAA Launch Exhibit

Completing our Database

The BPAA is open to all former company members, apprentices, and scholars who joined BP productions, as well as former technical, production and executive staff and collaborators who have designed for us sets and costumes.

So if you know of anyone of the above, please invite them to come say HI! We would be happy to hear from everyone!

We’re trying to compete our database so we know where everyone is, and we can continue to give you updates on the shows of BP or the companies of our former colleagues, as well as news about BPAA’s projects, and such. Sorry, no chismis. You’ll have meet up with others for that.

All you need to do is email us with the following info:


YEARS with BP; POSITION (e.g. company member; technical director, etc.)



PHONE NUMER (celphone and landline)

You can email the info to rheadbautista@gmail.com.

That’s it, pancit!


The Company Room Makeover

We’ve all spent time in there and for many of us, it was our safe haven after exhausting rehearsals, or after a particularly difficult talk with our directors. If those walls could talk. So many secrets would be revealed!

Have you been to the Company Room lately? Sad to say, it is in such a sorry state. The bathroom has become a tambakan, and to keep the girls’  modesty, one part of their area is covered with cardboard taped to the dressing table. Kawawa talaga. So we have vowed to do something about it.

The Company Room bathroom needs re-tiling, re-plumbing, re-everything!

The Company Room bathroom needs re-tiling, re-plumbing, re-everything!

We have enlisted the help of interior designer, Rachelle Medina, who is the editor in chief of Real Living Magazine, to helps us draw up plans for the room. She has been absolutely helpful in this that we encourage you all to go subscribe to her magazine! We are also working on getting the nitty gritty on getting contractors, finding furniture and all that. There has been a lot of help and interest from many people, which we will detail in the next blog post dedicated to the makeover.

The thing about this makeover is that it costs money. Headed by Alice Reyes, we are going on rounds to solicit contributions for this cause. So if Alice Reyes emails you, don’t be shocked! It’s all part of this worthy cause.


The Launch Exhibit

In time for BP’s 45th season celebration “Blue Moon Series” in September 19 to 28 this year, the BPAA will be launched with an exhibit of BP memorabilia, photos, artwork and more. It’s the perfect way to bring back the BP alumni to the fold—a trip down memory lane!

It also coincides perfectly with the shows that will happen on those two weekends, namely Giselle (with guest Filipina soloist in ABT, Stella Abrera), The Blue Moon Gala (a mixed bill featuring the best of BP’s repertoire), and the Homecoming Gala (a festival of companies and dance schools from BP’s former members all over the world).

So if there’s a perfect time to come home to BP, this is the time to do it!

See you all soon!




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