Steering Committee

Who is this BPAA Steering Committee anyway?

Yes, we should address this question!

The Steering Committee is simply a group of people who have been meeting and coordinating, trying to get our projects going. It started out as a gathering at Alice Reyes’ home that ended up being the initial group helping to push the BPAA projects forward. If you weren’t in those meetings, please don’t feel offended! It just so happened we were around to be asked, but we really, really want everybody to be involved. Despite adding to the myriad things we all need to get done, the BPAA is fun! During meetings we get to digress to chismis and throwbacks before AR puts us back on track.

So here’s a list of who we are right now. Please feel free to volunteer!—

Some of the BPAA Steering committee members with BP's current directors

Some of the BPAA Steering committee members with BP’s current directors

Overall Head: Alice Reyes

Deputy: Gina Katigbak-Garcia

Meeting Coordinator: Joanne Ko-Dela Calzada

BPAA Directory Coordinator: Nina Anonas and Rhea Dumdum-Bautista with the help of the batch representatives Edna Vida-Froilan, Monette Victoria, Verna Fajilan-Brazil, Jojo and Kris-Belle-Paclibar Mamangun

Company Room Makeover Project Coordinator: Annette Cruz-Mariano with Teen-teen Maranan-Novales

BPAA Launch: Gina KG, Jojo Mamangun, Karla Javier

BP Archives: Karla Javier

Communications (Blog, FB, soon-to-be-released Newsletter): Rhea Bautista, Edward Malagkit and area coordinators from Europe-Bettina Escaño P, US-Mica Bernas, etc.

Zumbathon (last May 2014): Toni Lopez-Gonzalez Garcia

Got questions? Just comment below!




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