BPAA Launches with an Exhibit

Next week, September 26, the BP Alumni Association will officially launch, and we invite ALL of YOU to be there!


Cecile Sicangco-Ibarrola with Julio Bocca and the cast of “Giselle” 1991

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as that weekend is also the Blue Moon Gala and Homecoming Gala weekend. For the first time in decades, the company is restaging Norman Walker’s “Songs of a Wayfarer” for the Blue Moon Gala (Sept 26-27). The Homecoming Gala, on the other hand, which will be performed on Sunday, Sept. 28, will proudly feature BP’s “offspring”—dance companies and dance schools from the Philippines and the rest of the world!

The BPAA will launch with an exhibit—lovingly prepared by Gina Katigbak-Garcia, Jojo Mamangun, Karla Javier and Caroline Boncodin-Santos, and will showcase photos of the company’s vast repertoire and more.

This will be a great chance for everyone to walk down memory lane. Wouldn’t it be nice to see yourself in those photos, whether you were in them as as the principal dancer or lead photobomber?

PLUS we’ve added a special feature in which everyone can join.

As part of the exhibit, there will be a board where all alumni can POST their OWN PHOTOS. It can be dancing photos or behind-the-scenes photos, as long as it’s hard-copy, printed photos. Like the ones we used to develop in the store.

Cecile Sicangco and Julio Bocca in "Giselle" (photos courtesy of Cecile Sicangco-Ibarrola)

Cecile Sicangco and Julio Bocca in “Giselle”
(photos courtesy of Cecile Sicangco-Ibarrola)


1992 Tour in Spain (photo courtesy of Cecile Sicangco-Ibarrola)


The BP Boyz (photo courtesy of Cecile Sicangco-Ibarrola)

When you get to the exhibit, just tack your photos on and sign up in the guest book (with contact details please!) and that’s it!

Just remember that these photos won’t be returned to you and will form part of the BPAA archives, so be sure to post only photos you’re willing to donate.

So start going through your photo albums and let the reminiscing begin!

See you there!


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