BPAA Presents: The New and Improved Company Room (Thanks to all the donors!)

Please mark the date: November 5, Wednesday, 12 noon. BP Company Room Turnover.

The past couple of months were a frenzy of activities for everyone at BP.

As the current company hosted hundreds of dancers—all members of the growing BP family—and then embarked on a month-long North American Tour, the Alumni Steering Committee got to work on the Company Room Makeover.

This renovation was truly a labor of love. Alice Reyes was at the forefront of fundraising, endlessly writing all the alumni she could get in touch with, while Annette Cruz-Mariano and Teen-teen Maranan-Novales did the ground work from purchasing all the requirements to supervising the laborers.  Gina Katigbak-Garcia and Nina Anonas did the hairsplitting accounting and paperwork. Bettina Escano-PB, Judell de Guzman-Sicam and Verna Fajilan-Brazil were instrumental in collecting the checks and making sure they got here. Special thanks to Lynley Teng for getting her team to work on this at cost and helping us get the materials at to-the-trade prices, and to Rachelle Medina of Real Living Magazine for giving us the initial drawings and sketches, and making us dream about how nice it could be.

BP Company Room makeover

So finally, on Wednesday November 5, we will be turning over the Company Room to the current BP members! We hope you can all come to this momentous occasion.

Here, we would like to acknowledge all the people who have generously given to the Company Room Makeover Project. We still have several pledges that are coming in, and if you are still about to hand in your donation, it’s not too late yet! You can still give your donations via BP, the Steering Committee, or your Batch Coordinators.

If you want to see the in-progress photos, keep reading after the list of donors.

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